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But sometimes the path is unclear.

Together, we can create a new reality for you and your future.

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Your True Calling Awaits

At the heart of my services is a commitment to help chart a path that is in line with your calling and personal goals.

I help you go after your goals – unapologetically.

Sherry Buckley-Brown

I imagine a world where every individual recognizes their natural born talents and passions and utilizes them to live their lives to the fullest.

I’m passionate about creating this world, with you. I’m a certified life and career coach. Here’s a little about me:

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About Sherry

Born in the Midwest, I am the youngest of 5 children. As a child, I was an avid reader, a very observant alert child and my mother’s shadow.  Wherever you saw her, you saw me.  In April, 1974, I lost my mother to a life changing traumatic event that would forever alter my world.  An event that I thought I would not survive….  

Being that there were five kids, a decision was made to split the family and move myself and my 2 brother siblings to Mississippi to live with my grandmother.  Another life altering event!  Today, my grandmother is still my Hero.  Her mental ability after losing her daughter, my mom, and taking on 3 broken teenagers on a fixed income was no easy feat.  

As a teen, I struggled to adjust to this new life and the brokenness.  During this phase of my life is when my eyes were opened even more, to the fact that life sometimes isn’t fair and that indifferences and injustices exist in this world.   After years of struggling and trying to find my way, I made a conscious decision to not let what happened to my family define the rest of my life.  I began to channel the energy and the fire within me to make a better life for myself.  I also began to realize that I was stronger than I thought.  I made a decision to thrive and be happy.

Unleash the POWER of your POTENTIAL​

As a Career, Leadership and Life Coach, I am committed to helping as many individuals (One by One), REALIZE and UNLEASH the power of your POTENTIAL.

For years I have watched hundreds of people work in jobs that were not their passion.  Simply working to make ends meet. I was one of those people.  Not only was I one of those people but traumatic life events kept occurring in my personal life which kept setting me back.   And ironically, for years I kept turning my head to what I was naturally gifted at, COACHING.

Individuals consistently seek me out to get my input and advice on career and life challenges. It is these conversations and events that sealed my mission to help empower individuals to find their passion work and identify their unleashed potential.

I meet you where you are. I use positive psychology techniques and tools to help you be successful. We partner together to put strategic steps in place to get you to your next level of success. If you are ready to reach your POTENTIAL and want to focus on what is RIGHT with you, let’s walk this journey together.

My Services

Strategic Coaching

Reach your full career potential. Leadership and professional coaching focused on relationships, communication, goal-setting, and workplace advancement.

Lifestyle Coaching

Are you ready to make a mark and live your best life? I envision and work with you to help you achieve whatever you were destined to achieve

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